Monday, June 25, 2012

Team Game Mechanic Addition

After more play testing I have decided to make some changes and add a new mechanic to the 4 player version of Battle For Souls.

These changes and the addition were driven by the desire to differentiate the multiplayer game from the head-to-head version, and to create cooperation between teammates. These changes make the multiplayer version more fun as it adds new analytical challenges. Instead of just working to foil your opponent you must now think of how you can help your teammate in order to earn victory.

The changes to the multiplayer game are straight forward:

When you play a relic, or a sin/intercession card, your teammate also has the ability to use it and vice versa.

When a colored sin/intercession card is played, it remains in play for your teammate if you do not use it. Your teammate must use it, or it is discarded as normal. Grey sin/intercession cards and relics can be used by either player on a team until they are spent, or removed from play.

The new mechanic is this:

If you choose to discard on your turn instead of playing cards, you can fan your discards out in front of you. Your opponent can then use up to two of these cards on their next turn! After your teammate completes his/her turn these cards should be discarded as normal.

This mechanic really strengthens team play, and players can even plan strategies ahead of time.

Of course, table talk is not permitted.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I have been working on the rules for Battle For Souls. I should have a first draft to post in the next few weeks. I have also decided to include 4 player boards with the game.

Here is the current component list.

7 Angel Cards
7 Devil Cards
21 Soul Cards
10 Reap Cards
45 Temptation Cards
45 Virtue Cards
20 Victory Point Cards
10 Sin Cards
10 Intercession Cards
10 Holy Relic Cards
10 Unholy Relic Cards
25 Marker Cubes
4 Player Boards
4 Reference Cards
1 Rulebook