Gnomes: The Great Sweeping of Ammowan

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The Reviews Are Unanimous!

"Gnomes provided what few other games can: an immersive experience for the entire family. It was like having a mini-Disney in my backyard: the children were enraptured by the magic, and we as parents lived through their excitement." -Dice Hate Me
"My kids absolutely went bonkers for this!" -The Dice Tower
"Your reward will be the look of excitement and amazement on the faces of the little geeks as they suddenly “see” a new and magical world where yesterday there was none. And for a brief time, you’ll be a child again, too. The world will seem bigger, brighter, and more marvelous than before."
-Father Geek
"The kids had a blast. For anyone who has ever had The Elf on the Shelf this is a perfect step up w/ limitless possibilities" -The Cardboard Jungle
"That's the fun of it, they're using their imagination." -InD20 Group
"It's a game that gets your creative juices going, then passes that creative spark to a younger generation and keeps their imagination going. In my opinion, we need as many games like that as we can get." -Games And Grub
"Look at some of the neat components you can get!" -Gamesalute News

The Game

Gnomes: The Great Sweeping of Ammowan may best be described as a family-friendly, scavenger hunt / storytelling game. It has been built from the ground up with the sole purpose of igniting the imagination of children. It can be run as a simple adventure for small children like an Easter egg hunt, as an immersive adventure with clues and riddles, as a scavenger hunt, as a map reading adventure, or as a GPS adventure. 
Create shared memories of the time when your family "saved the gnomes of Ammowan". 
Gnomes: The Great Sweeping of Ammowan includes:
  •  1 storytelling book 
  •  1 contact letter from the gnomes Read it!
  •  1 blank parchment for customizing your own map
  •  5 award certificates for those who complete the quest See it!
  •  1 thank you letter from the gnomes
The storyteller's book provides the story, background, objectives, tips and step-by-step instructions on how to set up and run the game. The book is also packed with wonderful art by Steve Ebdon and Luis Francisco!
The game is run in 6 steps:
Step 1: Review
In this phase the storyteller reads through all of the provided materials, becomes familiar with the backstory, and learns what he/she must do to create memories to last a lifetime. 

For the best results, read instructions first
For the best results, read instructions first
Step 2: Prepare Ammowan
In this phase the storyteller plants evidence of a gnome civilization that players will discover on their quest. Included in the guidebook are step-by-step instructions on how to create everything from a rustic gnome fire pit to a branch-powered, gnomish saw. The evidence can all be created with basic household tools and items, and the step-by-step details make it simple to do! And if you want a zero fuss option, purchase a copy that comes with 10 gnome-sized items!

Build your own branch-driven, gnomish saw with step-by-step instructions!
Build your own branch-driven, gnomish saw with step-by-step instructions!
Step 3: Prepare the Map (optional)
In this phase the storyteller can create a custom map on the provided map paper. While optional, a map helps personalize the game, ties it to the location, and provides an immersive guide to your young adventurers.
Step 4: The Gnomes Make Contact
In this phase a contact letter arrives from the gnomes that is read aloud to players. The letter not only lays the foundation of the story, but makes your adventurers main characters! The storyteller's guide provides options and instructions on how to deliver the letter in a believable manner. This is the player's introduction to the adventure, and it's best done without them having any knowledge of what's about to unfold.
Step 5: The Adventure
This is the main part of the game, when adventurers go on their quest to save the gnomes of Ammowan from the great sweeping of trolls, which is less than a day away. The storyteller will guide them as they follow clues, uncover the secrets of gnome society, solve puzzles, and protect their new friends by removing all evidence of Ammowan before the trolls arrive. Choose from 5 different adventure types, or mix and match.

Gear up and go, trolls are dumb, but should not be taken lightly!
Gear up and go, trolls are dumb, but should not be taken lightly!
Step 6: The Ending
If the adventurers succeed, a second letter will be delivered thanking them for their service along with an official award certificate signed by the Lord Chancellor of Ammowan himself! Your adventurers will henceforth be known as "protectors of gnomes", and it may be that they are called on again in the future!

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