Friday, May 4, 2012

Soul Cards

I have made some changes to the soul cards.

1. They are now square - This allows for bigger text and icons and prevents art from being warped in order to fit
2. They now include the painting title, artist name and year painted
3. Reduced the number of steps needed to max out a soul from 8 to 7 - I felt it was a tad too hard to get new angel and devil cards, so this should help a great deal
4. Removed the spirals and replaced space #4 on the marker track with a star to better identify when a soul can be reaped
5. Added gray circles to clearly show that if reaped a soul goes to purgatory if on these spaces
6. Made the background 7.5% gray so that white tracks are more clearly visible for souls with Pride/Humility
7. Changed the hue for blue and for orange to help differentiate them better from purple and red

Below is an example, but please note, these have still not been through graphic design. I have no doubt our graphic designer will improve the look tenfold. But I think this layout is about right.