Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Battle For Souls - A Cardgame

This blog is to provide information on a new card game I am developing called Battle For Souls.

In the game, 2 or 4 players will choose the side of heaven, or the side of hell.

Each side will battle for 21 souls, which are worth victory points. Players add holy or unholy points on the souls in play based on how they use temptation, virtue, sin, intercession, holy relic, unholy relic, angel and devil cards.

Earn enough holy points, and when the soul is reaped it goes to heaven, earning the side of good victory points. Earn enough unholy points, and when the soul is reaped it goes to hell, earning the side of evil victory points.

If a soul does not earn enough holy or unholy points and is reaped it goes to purgatory where its victory points are not counted.

Guiding a soul to complete purity or complete darkness before death and final judgment adds a new archangel or prince of hell to a player's arsenal. Each of the 7 archangels and 7 princes of hell have special abilities that will allow a player to gain souls more quickly, and each one gained adds additional victory points to your final tally.

Many strategic decisions impact play. Strategies include focusing on gaining more help from heaven or hell to increase your power, working to reap souls quickly from the start with little intervention from the angelic and demonic hordes, or balancing your play to ensure victory.

Sin, Intercession and Relic cards can be purchased for beneficial effects at the cost of holy and unholy points. These help to make for deep gameplay and excellent risk/reward scenarios. Invest in these cards to strengthen your position.

204 Battle For Souls initial prototype cards are complete and I will provide updates on the progress of the game here.

If Battle For Souls sounds interesting to you, please leave a comment. I will be providing free print and play versions of the game and sending out free physical prototypes at my expense to those who can commit to providing feedback. The goal is to make the game mechanics and balance rock solid before moving to graphic design.

Let me know if you are interested.


Artwork in the public domain:
"Portrait of Pontus F├╝rstenberg" by Ernst Josephson - 1883