Monday, May 21, 2012

Box Design Version 1

Here is the first version of the box design with art by Stefan Lochner circa 1435.

I will be adding the tagline "A card game pitting the 7 archangels vs. the 7 princes of hell in a fight for the eternal souls of humankind." and changing the logo for "Robert Burke Games" as it stands out too much.



  1. It looks cool! What size box are you targeting....something like Dominion, or smaller?

  2. It won't be as big as Dominion. but I am thinking maybe 8"x10"x3"

  3. Similar to Race For the Galaxy and Carcassonne, I suspect. :)

  4. Yes, probably somewhere around that size.

  5. I noticed you posted a new variant of the box art on Looking very classy, and more importantly, eye catching. It will attract people to it, whether on a gaming web site or store.

    The two taglines you list there I like are "Eternal life or eternal damnation is in your hands" and "Command angels or devils for the souls of man".


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