Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Phase II

Playesting is far enough along that I am beginning talks with my graphic designer, Luis Francisco, who did Cartoona as well as Flash Point Fire Rescue and The Resistance.

Once the card templates and rules are done, I will go ahead and do a small run to send to reviewers and interested playtesters.

Moving along nicely...


  1. It looks clever and the theme, for me, is intriguing. Do you have plans to write up the instructions? I scanned through the Prototype - Build 3 video, but documentation I can review would be welcome as well. Thanks!

  2. Yes, we are working on the rules as well. I will post the full rules text as soon as it's complete.

  3. Thanks for the quick response. In the meantime I'm going to take a closer look at your video to grasp the rules. I'll be happy to playtest it for you if you have extra prototypes once you get some made. I'll continue to check in and read!

  4. Just went through your video a few times, and went through the posts here on the blog. Very cool. It seems like the mechanics are fun, and I do like the fact that one can nudge the game by buying/acquiring Sins/Intercessions/Relics rather than just turning in 2/3 of a kind, full houses, etc.

    The Dominion-y concept of having Victory cards clogging up your hand is a good one. I noticed in your playtesting that people didn't tend to buy them. Is this because they were thinking of winning by other means, were afraid of the clog effect, or something else?

    The theme is really effective, and I do enjoy the concept that you're constantly battling for the souls until someone has had enough and decides to play a reap card.

    Again, looking forward to giving it a try!

  5. Thanks! I look forward to sending you a copy to test copy!
    The victory point card purchases are increasing as players become more experienced.

    At the beginning of a game they are avoided just in Dominion, but as you get close to the last 3 to 6 souls they are bought feverishly. Games continue to be very close. Like within 1 to 5 points. So falling behind on buying them can cost you the game, but the timing must be right!

    The decision points and the balance of the game are both turning out very well!


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